9 Marzo 2017 Approfondimenti
Marenco trails run on the Strevi hills, thru the Bagnario Valley, home of Moscato, touching different panoramic points, the Unesco sites, and the Big Bench.
All trails start from the Marenco Winery, in the village of Strevi, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. Here it’s possible to park and to visit the winery. We are at your disposal for further informations on the traisl.
Trails are designed for everyone, you’ll walk on paved roads, dirty roads, and in the middle of the vineyards:
The Short Trail is a good way to get familiar with the place, and gives a nice view on the village of Strevi.
Panoramic Trail climbs all the way to the little church Cappelletta of Pineto, and makes a deviation to the big bench. Trekking Trail climbs a little harder and runs more thru the vineyards.
Trails are not showed with signs or indicators. A simple way to navigate them is to use Google Maps App, present or easy to install on any smartphone. A few simple indications make you ready to navigate:
2) click on Legenda
3) select the trail you want to follow, and deselect others
4) for further informations about places and trail, click on the Map
5) follow the trail using the blu dot that indicate your current position
We are at your disposal for further informations. Buon Cammino!