A chat with a friend

15 marzo 2016

Giuseppina Raineri, professional sommelier for AIS Alessandria, lives in Acqui Terme. She’s been running the Enoteca Regionale di Acqui Terme for 15 years. She’s married with Carlo Lazzeri and she has a son, Roberto

Why did you become a sommelier?
I decided to become a sommelier after 1990, when I have met a professional sommelier at the Verona Vinitaly. I was fascinated by her passion.

What is the most important characteristic you look for in a wine glass?
I like fine aromas and  elegance. Pleasure, good balance are the main features of a good wine

What would you choose for a perfect dinner?
I would start with a brut sparkling wine. I will shift for a red full bodied Piedmont wine, because we have a really interesting choice and I could finish with a sweet Moscato, I love Marenco Passito di Scrapona.

If you could make wine from an excellent vintage, which year would you choose and where in the world would you make your wine?
I will chose the 1982 vintage in piedmont, but I would like to try the South Australia land, because climate and soil have very high potentials

What is a variety grape that is undeservedly ignored?
I love our Dolcetto. There’re a lot of little snags about this wine, like the enormous number of denominations and the confusion about the name. A lot of people think that is a sweet wine, nothing could be further from the truth! What a pity, Dolcetto is a really interesting and good wine. Pairs well with many dishes, a good wine for all the meal.

What are the best pairing that you prefer?
I like classical pairings, but I love experimentation and new things. Pairing a dish with a wine is conditioned by ingredients and cooking times. There are fish dishes good with red wines. There is only one forbidden thing. You cannot drink brut sparkling wine with a dessert. It is forbidden even at Christmas. The metallic taste is disgusting. Try your desert with a lovely Moscato like Scrapona, and you will see!

What is the best pairing for a teetotaler person?
I think that a little cake with jam and a sweet Brachetto d’Acqui is the best choice.

What do you think about the wine of the future? What will be different?
I hope that good and quality wines will be the major products, with a bigger attention to the ecological topics and a better safety for final customer and for the environment. I think that a natural element will replace the sulphites and we will prefer wines with a lower alcohol percentage.

Thank you Giuseppina for your time and your professional attitude